Workplace Solutions Group
  Human Resource Management Consultants
Personnel Selection

  • Conducting job analyses to determine KSAOs needed to successfully perform jobs
  • Developing and implementing assessment tools for the selection and placement of employees (e.g., interviews, cognitive ability tests, personality tests, assessment centers)
  • Evaluating test instruments in order to determine their effectiveness (e.g., test validation, assessing test fairness/impact on protected classes)
  • Identifying key managerial talent to facilitate organizational succession planning

Performance Management

  • Conducting needs assessments to determine the effectiveness of current performance management systems (e.g., does the system provide employees with developmental feedback and/or distinguish between high and low performers?)
  • Developing performance criteria (i.e., key outcome measures)
  • Designing and implementing traditional performance appraisal systems and progressive feedback systems (e.g., upward feedback) to facilitate the continuous assessment and development of employees

Training and Development
  • Identifying organizational, departmental, and/or individual-level training needs
  • Assessing and developing leadership skills
  • Designing and facilitating workshops to support HR initiatives (e.g., coaching and mentoring, guidelines for  interviewing employees, giving and receiving feedback)
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of such programs based on productivity and satisfaction indices (e.g., are skills learned during training actually being transferred back to the job?)

Organizational Change
  • Analyzing organizational culture and climate
  • Developing and facilitating employee attitude surveys
  • Identifying factors associated with undesirable work behaviors (e.g., absenteeism, turnover, employee theft)


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